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Winter Blues

Don't wait for the 'WINTER BLUES’ to bring you down, stop it in its tracks!

Almost everyone feels a little down at some time during the harsh, cold months of winter. Dark mornings, dark evenings and freezing temperatures can be challenging. We tend to stay indoors more, and socialise less, maybe take less exercise, and sometimes turn to comfort foods for support, all of which can make us feel lethargic and tired in body, and low in emotion and spirit. 

Supplements to Banish the Blues

Vitamin D - Research shows that people with low vitamin D levels are much more prone to depression than those with normal levels. We know that our brains have many vitamin D receptors, and vitamin D levels have a direct effect on mood, memory and even learning. Experts and NHS recommend 10mcg of vitamin D daily to maintain normal levels throughout the winter.

B-complex Vitamins are important to our nervous system, helping us keep calm in times of stress, and reducing feelings of tiredness and fatigue. Nourishing to the nervous system, B vitamins help us to maintain normal psychological function, mental performance, neurological function, regulation of hormonal activity, and energy-yielding mechanism. Research suggests that B vitamins help to alleviate depression, and studies show that people suffering from depression are often deficient in B vitamins.

Nutri-Calm is one of our most consistent, top-selling products. Winter, and especially the Christmas season, can bring its own form of anxiety and stress. Nutri-Calm is designed to support the nervous system when life becomes a bit challenging, with soothing herb chamomile and generous levels of B Complex vitamins to support energy production and reduce tiredness and fatigue. The natural ingredients provide many health benefits, including heart health, immune system support and psychological function. Nutri-Calm is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Essential Oils to Relax & Revive

The remarkable benefits of essential oil have been enjoyed throughout the centuries, and their delightful aromas have an amazing effect on our mood, mind, body and spirit. Essential oil fragrances have a powerful effect that can evoke feelings, emotions, memories and events. The potent aromas can also have a positive effect on our wellbeing, helping to alleviate feelings of anxiety, stress and depression, uplifting our emotions and spirits to enhance mood, and gently relaxing our mind and body to allow us to relax, sleep well, and feel revived.

The use of Lavender for its calming, soothing effects dates back centuries, and modern research has shown positive results in the use of Lavender to combat stress, anxiety and depression, with its delightful aroma that is uplifting to the mind and calming to the emotions.

Bergamot with its sweet, citrus fragrance is perfect for promoting calm, and relieving stress and tension. Its essential elements of alpha- pinene and limonene are stimulating in nature, and Bergamot is said to be helpful for those suffering from SAD (Seasonal Affected Disorder), uplifting spirit and enhancing mood.



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