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About Urban Guise

Natural organic skincare for men who care about their personal appearance

What’s in a name? Your ‘guise’ (say it like ‘guys’) is how you are perceived by others, your appearance, manner and presentation - so make it a good one! Urban Guise is designed specifically for men who want to maintain, fresh youthful skin, healthy, shining hair, and a smooth silky beard.

Skincare products that really deliver!

Created with natural organic ingredients to nourish and moisturise, with subtle, sensual essential oils to hydrate, tone, firm, and balance the complexion - this contemporary range of natural skincare products really delivers.

Formulas are organic, hypoallergenic, with no synthetic fragrances. Vegan formulas, free from sulphates, parabens and alcohol, suitable for all skin types, and never tested on animals... that’s a promise.

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