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About Garden of Flora

Pure Natural Essential Oils from Garden of Flora

With years of experience in the wellbeing and lifestyle world, Lily & Loaf have become passionate about essential oils, and so we created ‘Garden of Flora’ to bring you potent, highly concentrated essential oils carefully chosen for their pure, authentic aroma and natural, therapeutic properties to relax, uplift, rejuvenate, delight and stimulate mind, body and spirit.

Delightful Oils to Enhance Wellbeing

Essential oils help create a wonderful atmosphere and can be used around the home or office to enhance mood and emotions. When applied in a massage blend oils can provide calming, soothing, uplifting and inspiring properties, helping to balance mood, relax mind and body, and delight the senses.

Why not enhance your essential oil experience with our range of aromatherapy accessories, candles, burners, diffusers, massagers and brushes, to help you create your own personal spa sensation, and bring you a multitude of health, wellbeing and lifestyle benefits.

Lily & Loaf never compromise on quality, and the Garden of Flora range offers only pure, high quality oils, sourced from countries worldwide to ensure you receive the finest, natural oils available. Garden of Flora are members of The Aromatherapy Trade Council (Membership Number ATC/161), the official UK council for regulating safe and ethical trade, and ensuring you receive safe, high standard products.

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