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YOUR CHILDREN - Natural Defences

Written by Lily & Loaf Collaborator


Posted on March 12 2019

KEEPING THE WINTER BUGS AT BAY... Daily Nutrition for Immune Support

During the winter months when the immune system is frequently challenged, we need to know our youngsters have a good strong defence system that keeps them safe from unwanted germs, bacteria and viruses.  A nutritious, well balanced daily diet is a great start, and a good quality daily food supplement can help to bridge any nutritional gaps.  

Super Bears are delicious all natural, wholefood chewable jellies are loaded with just the right amount of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients every child needs for development and maintenance of healthy body systems.  

Super Bears’ new improved formula now includes higher levels of essential vitamin D to ensure your young ones develop strong bones, and a healthy immune system. Our bodies make vitamin D through exposure to strong sunlight.  It’s not easy to obtain in food form, but it is one of THE most important nutrients across the entire spectrum of body systems.  

Public Health England and NHS recommend all children (and adults) take a daily 10ug vitamin D supplement.  

Super Bears provides 10ug vitamin D in each chewy bear.  Free from artificial colours, flavours and GM ingredients, these delicious 'chewy bears' offer a broad spectrum of A-Z vitamins and minerals that kids just love!

To obtain maximum protection take Super Bears alongside Healthy Rascals Immune Plus. This special formula combines all the essential nutrients including zinc, iron, selenium and vitamin C to support a developing immune system in the fight against and recovery from illness. Kids are more exposed to bugs and viruses than any of us so when winter hits let’s ensure their immune system has all the natural support they need to stay strong and healthy. 

Take a look at the full range of Lily & Loaf’s ‘Healthy Rascals’ for daily nutrition, with healthy wholefood vegan formulas, and no artificial colours, additives or flavours.



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